Tuesday, November 20th

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Fall is here and the time has changed. Did you remember to change the battery in your smoke detectors? If not do it now. There have been several families killed in house fires with in the last few weeks and smoke detectors could have possible saved them. Smoke detectors are the cheapest insurance you can get to help save your life. You need a detector on each floor of your home and out side of the sleeping area. You should also sleep with the doors closed to put a smoke and heat block between you and the rest of the house. Plan on at least two ways out of each room of your home and make sure you can use both ways out. Windows get painted shut and sometimes will not open. Try them now and make sure they are in good working order. Once you are out of your house have a safe meeting place for the whole family. Not everybody will get out of the house the same way and you need a predetermined location to meet. Call the fire department. If we don’t know you have a problem, we can’t help. Don’t go back inside the home.

The Department has applied for a SAFER Grant this year. The SAFER Grant is a matching funds grant from FEMA that will help departments in hiring additional employees. If the department receives this grant we will hire 3 additional personal. Our community is growing at a high rate and so is the departments call load. We are trying to stay ahead of this demand by hiring these personal.

We now have the ability to accept donations on line at WWW.KVFD.COM.  We will still accept donations by mail or in person. Please make all checks payable to Karns Volunteer Fire Department or KVFD. The second round of Fund drive letters were delivered in October. The card has a tracking number for you to use on line. We thank you for your 2005 donations and if you have not made your donation yet please do so. It is through your support that the department will thrive and continue to provide fire protection and medical care to the area.

Jake H. Stafford


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